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Longer term, research on mind-reading could help people to develop technology for non-human agents, such as “social robots”, to predict what we are thinking and assist us in our daily lives. Without more psychological research on how we understand each other as humans, it is unlikely that we will ever develop artificial intelligence that can understand itself or what we are thinking.


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Do you actually believe that someone can know what’s running in your mind? All of you might have heard terms like telepathy, human psychology, and mind-reading. Mind reading is an art to read what is in the mind of the person. Well, it is true that humans literally can’t read the thoughts in the mind of other people but can efficiently intuit the thoughts and sentiments. To understand mind reading you need to learn and observe the technical theories, tools, and power of mentalists. Though it sounds tough however nothing is impossible. And if you are the one seeking the knowledge to learn about mind reading, this is the book for you.

  • NLP Techniques
  • NLP Applications
  • Mirroring
  • Hypnosis
  • Lie Detecting
  • Seduction

Mind-reading is different from the psychological process of empathy. It involves understanding other people’s thoughts or knowledge (“Sarah knows where the biscuits are kept”), whereas empathy involves understanding other people’s emotions (“Sarah would feel sad if her biscuits were taken”). Traditionally, scientists have not properly distinguished mind-reading from empathy, so most psychological tests mix up the two concepts

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