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Kinoti Manyara
Kinoti Manyara
Your performance at Sawela Lodge last week was such a thrill and with lots of fun. Keep up the energy.
Sino Soft
Sino Soft
Very dedicated and customer centric team, would definitely recommend for online visibility, God bless in Christ Jesus
Fela Felix
Fela Felix
I have known Musau for quite sometime and I must admit he is committed to whatever he does and passionate about it. He is where he is because of Resilience and consistency, may you keep unlocking doors of opportunities broh🙌
Scolastica W. Munga
Scolastica W. Munga
Musau is very good at what he does. At first, it may sound like a joke not until you witness him in action. Just spectacular!
Joseph Gichia
Joseph Gichia
Great customer service with a blend of uniqueness.
Brenda Kiambi
Brenda Kiambi
Professional, Brilliant and out of this world

Musau The Mentalist, Africa’s leading mentalist, is constantly redefining the art with mind-blowing performances that take his audiences by storm, keeping them gripped to their seats and always leaving them surprised, astonished and constantly asking “how does he do it?”

Musau is a pioneering master mentalist, a truly great performer who leads the field and has brought the art of mentalism to the heights it enjoys today. Musau’s art, his innovation, his expertise has led to his phenomenal global success. He has performed on the world’s leading stages, is a regular guest on prime-time TV shows and enjoys sold-out venues all over the world. He also hosts and acts as the presenter for private and corporate shows and high-end events for global super brands and organizations.

Shows and Events

Musau The Mentalist is an in demand and popular mentalist and master entertainer, appearing in  shows and events across Africa and the world. His shows are aimed at the general public and also special performances for both corporate and private clients. His is often asked to host conventions and other business events for which he develops custom content tailored specifically for the audience, the corporation and branding/marketing messages.

All of Musau’s shows are developed and produced with unbelievable mentalism routines and a theme that meets the client’s demands. Musau is renowned for getting his audience involved in the show, making them laugh and gaze in astonishment as he performs the unbelievable. Each and every show give the audience 100% value for money and an unforgettable experience.



Birthdays & House Parties

Restaurant Events




Africa's Greatest Mentalist

As he says, Musau isn’t a magician, he is a mentalist.  He uses his artistry, coupled with his ability to perfectly read and understand his subjects body language. Using ingenious diversions, subtle suggestion methods and other trade secrets he is able to seemingly access our deepest thoughts. His experience, skill and total dedication to his profession, allow him to provide audiences world-wide with mind-blowing insights, that amaze them and create an unforgettable experience.


With his unbelievable predictions and amazing “mind-reading” abilities, Musau continually keeps the greatest artists, A-list celebrities, executives and politicians awed and amazed, wondering how this mentalist so accurately “read” their minds and surprises them with astonishing mental feats that change the  way they see and understand reality. A truly breathtaking and mesmerizing show, funny and dramatic, a performance you can’t help being drawn into and that leaves you with a sense of wonder and a unforgettably enjoyable experience.

Take a journey through the mind’s mysteries with Musau The Mentalist

uAfter countless shows, TV appearances and events, in the USA and globally, Musau The Mentalist is regarded as the closest thing there is to a genuine mind reader. His abilities, innovation and skills had been shown in mind-boggling  performances on the world’s biggest stages and before audiences that may have been skeptical before the show but that came away amazed and believers after.

As Africa’s leading mentalist, he is a genuine entertainer who uses his skill and intelligence along with complex and elaborate techniques to access the wonders of the human brain and provide his audience with an extraordinary show, full of astonishment, humor and curiosity


Throughout the past couple of years of my Mentalism journey, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous brands and boutiques. I am so grateful for the opportunities that these companies have given me.  Below are just some of the top ones. I have also worked with numerous local and international organizations well as start-up companies. Each of the logos below is owned by the respective brand.


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What an interesting & exciting show! I was amazed, I laughed, I was entertained. I've never experienced anything like it before. Thank you for collaborating with our brand to put on such an amazing show. Our invited guests were happy.
"Absolutely breathtaking ! You overthrow us! I will keep promoting you everywhere I go"
Courtney Keter
Event Organiser
He’ quick mind-reading and mental feats are performed at such a close range. Awesome!
Sales Manager
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